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Legionnaires’ Disease is a water borne disease which causes a form of pneumonia. According to the HSE there are around 200-250 cases in the UK every year and 12% of them are fatal.

About half the cases are associated with foreign travel while many cases originating in the UK cannot be traced to their source. However, some outbreaks have been associated with cooling tower systems and hot and cold water systems in factories, hotels, hospitals and other establishments. Risk is increased by the presence of sludge or fouling.

Failure to comply may result inВ fines but in cases of serious neglect, prosecutions for involuntary manslaughter have been sought.



ST&I ensures that employers, institutions and landlords fulfil their duties under current legislation by conducting a water risk assessment, testing for legionella in hot and cold water systems and correction of any faults; we offer a cleaning service and where necessary refurbishment or replacement of tanks. We provide full and detailed information on test results carried out and mark equipment appropriately.

Those with responsibilities and duties;





Under The Health & Safety atВ Work Act 1974 everybody has a duty to ensure the safety of others whilst at work; however, the Duty Holder will have ultimate responsibility for water safety; unless otherwise specified in your Health and Safety Policy then the responsibility will fall on the most senior person.


The relevant legislation

The Health & Safety atВ Work Act 1974

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 1999

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

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ACoP L8 (there is a 2013 update)



Legal Requirements

According to the HSEs ACoP L8, anyone who is in control of premises (employers, landlords etc) must carry out a risk assessment to identify sources of risk associated with legionella and introduce an appropriate system for controlling such risk;

“The control of Legionella bacteria in any undertaking involving a work activity and to premises controlled in connection with a trade, business or other undertaking where water is stored and where there is a means of creating and transmitting water droplets which may be inhaled, thereby causing a reasonably foreseeable risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria.”

The recent revision of the ACoP has removed the 300 litre limit so all premises with a water system now fall within the scope of the Code of Practice:


“Legionella bacteria can multiply in hot or cold water systems and storage tanks in residential properties, and then be spread, eg in spray from showers and taps. Although the generally high throughput and relatively low volume of water held in smaller water systems reduces the likelihood of the bacteria reaching dangerous concentrations, you must still carry out a risk assessment to identify and assess potential sources of exposure. You must then introduce a course of action to prevent or control any risk you have identified.”


It is possible for you to conduct this assessment yourself but if you or an employee do not have the required skills, you should appoint a competent person to assess and manage your risks.


Statutory Testing and Inspection Ltd comprehensive Water Risk, Test & Inspection service

Our water safety inspectors are Feedwater trained guaranteeing that our work is of the highest standard and performed by experienced professionals.

Our comprehensive compliance and reporting packs are designed to document the work carried out and the results, including a Water Risk Assessment and full asset register indicating remedial repairs where appropriate. A visible pass or fail label is affixed to each appliance detailing the inspection date, next test due and the inspector’s signature. This information is readily accessible online to our clients within hours of tests being completed, and can be viewed via secure login accounts, or supplied in a range of formats to suit individual requirements.


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