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As with electricity working with gas can be hazardous. Apart from gas explosions which grab the headlines (between 2-15 deaths per year), the major threat to life and health is from carbon monoxide poisoning which is typically the result of faulty supply and poorly maintainedВ appliances. As Gas Safe explains, even small amounts of this gas getting into the bloodstream can cause paralysis, brain damage and death. According to recent government research, it is estimated that this invisible gas represents a serious health risk;

In England & Wales alone

  • 4,000 people go to A&E
  • 200 people are hospitalised
  • there are around 50 deaths

In 2012-13 there were 21 prosecutions for breaches of gas safety regulations by buildersВ alone; in the more serious cases landlords can end up in jailВ for taking risks with the lives of tenants.



ST&I ensures that employers, institutions and landlords fulfil their duties under current legislation by conducting an Annual Gas Inspection, providing a Boiler Service and Maintenance Agreement and the Commissioning and Installation of commercial and domestic boilers.В  We provide full and detailed information on inspections carried out and mark equipment appropriately.

Those with responsibilities and duties;





Under The Health & Safety atВ Work Act 1974 everybody has a duty to ensure the safety of others whilst at work; however, the Duty Holder will have ultimate responsibility for gas safety; unless otherwise specified in your Health and Safety Policy then the responsibility will fall on the most senior person.


The relevant legislation

The Health & Safety atВ Work Act 1974

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 1999

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

Anything else?



The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998


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Legal Requirements

According to the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 , anyone who is in control of premises (employers, landlords etc) must carry out an Annual Gas Inspection;


Part F 35

“It shall be the duty of every employer or self-employed person to ensure that any gas appliance, installation pipework or flue installed at any place of work under his control is maintained in a safe condition so as to prevent risk of injury to any person.”

Part F 36(3)(a)

“Ensure that each appliance and flue to which that duty extends is checked for safety within 12 months of being installed and at intervals of not more than 12 months since it was last checked for safety.”

Part F 35(3)(c)
“Ensure that a record in respect of the appliance or flue so checked is made and retained.”


All installation, maintenance and safety checks can only be carried out by aВ Gas SafeВ registered engineer.

Landlords and employers are required to keep copies of the inspection report and the safety certificate and a record of any works carried out to the premises in the interim.

Failure to conduct inspections, maintain proper records or the use go properly registered engineers may result in prosecution.


Statutory Testing and Inspection Ltd comprehensive Gas Test & Inspection service

Our engineers are Gas Safe registered, guaranteeing that our work if of the highest standard and performed by experienced professionals.

Our comprehensive compliance and reporting packs are designed to document the work carried out and include an Annual Gas Inspection Safety Certificate and a full asset register indicating remedial repairs where appropriate (no certificate can be issued until the remedial work has been carried out and inspected by a Gas Safe engineer -В NOT sure this is true – see HSE advice to landlords below – ”the record should be issued on completion of the checks etc”). A visible pass or fail label is affixed to each appliance detailing the inspection date, next test due and the inspector’s signature. This information is readily accessible online to our clients within hours of tests being completed, and can be viewed via secure login accounts, or supplied in a range of formats to suit individual requirements.


All extracts from government research and guidance publications are used courtesy of theВ UK Government Licensing FrameworkВ 


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