Fire Risk Assessment Statutory Testing & Inspection
  • ST&I assists employers, institutions and landlords in fulfilling their duties to undertake general fire precautions for the protection of employees and members of the public by conducting a Fire Risk Assessment, developing an Emergency Plan and providing Fire Safety Training.

    • In 2011-12 there were 44.000 fires in dwellings and 24,000 fires recorded in buildings other than dwellings; Of these, 70% were accidental compared to 86% of those in dwellings.
    • There were 380 fatalities and 11,300 non fatal casualties; in buildings other than dwellings there were 25 fatal casualties and 1200 non-fatal.
    • The economic cost of fire to UK businesses is over ВЈ8.5 billion per year and it is estimated that 60% never recover from fire.
    • In March 2013, DM Care Limited was prosecuted for non-compliance with fire safety regulations and ordered to pay a total of ВЈ40,375.

Staff Fire Training

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