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  • ST&I assists employers, institutions and landlords in fulfilling their duties to undertake general fire precautions for the protection of employees and members of the public by conducting a Fire Risk Assessment, developing an Emergency Plan and providing Fire Safety Training.

    • In 2011-12 there were 44.000 fires in dwellings and 24,000 fires recorded in buildings other than dwellings; Of these, 70% were accidental compared to 86% of those in dwellings.
    • There were 380 fatalities and 11,300 non fatal casualties; in buildings other than dwellings there were 25 fatal casualties and 1200 non-fatal.
    • The economic cost of fire to UK businesses is over ВЈ8.5 billion per year and it is estimated that 60% never recover from fire.
    • In March 2013, DM Care Limited was prosecuted for non-compliance with fire safety regulations and ordered to pay a total of ВЈ40,375.

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments
Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005В a duty is placed on the ‘responsible person’ to carry out and regularly review a fire risk assessment of their premises. A written record must be maintained if the business employs 5 or more people.

The Assessment must include the following key steps;

Identify the fire hazards.

Identify people at risk.

Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks.

Record your findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide training.

Review and update the fire risk assessment regularly.

The responsible person may conduct the assessment using standard fire safety advice documents or appoint a ‘competent person’ to carry out a professional risk assessment.


Statutory Testing and Inspection Ltd comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment service

Our fire safety inspectors are BAFE BS 5306-3 trained guaranteeing that our work is of the highest standard and performed by experienced professionals.

Do we add stuff about BFPSA, FIA or BS5839 Trained or are these separate / replacement qualifications for the above???


Our comprehensive Risk Assessment Service is available to those who require advice in order to conduct their own assessment or one of our Fire Inspectors can be appointed to do this for you. It makes sense to develop a Fire Emergency Plan in conjunction with your Fire Risk Assessment so that adequate precautions can be taken to reduce the risk of fire.



























Common Fire Risk Assessments FAQ's

  • What is a Fire Risk Assessment?
    • To comply with the legislation and safeguard employees, property and members of the public, the responsible person in each of your premises must have conducted and reviewed a Fire Risk Assessment

  • Fire Risk Assessment - What does it involve?
    • The assessment should cover the 5 Key Steps outlined in the government’s Fire Safety Risk Assessment Chart;

      5 Steps to FRA


  • Fire Risk Assessment - Who should do the work?
    • As indicated above, the ‘responsible person’ may conduct the assessment using available standard fire safety advice. If you prefer a professional risk assessment, you should appoint a ‘competent person’ with the necessary qualifications and experience.

  • How often are Fire Risk Assessments required?
    • All premises require a Fire Risk Assessment but there is no set frequency for conducting a review. However, premises and circumstances change over time and reviews should take place in response to these changes e.g. in the built environment, nature of work, staffing etc

  • What happens if I do not conduct a Fire Risk Assessment?
    • The Fire & Rescue Authority can take action if they think your fire safety measures aren’t adequate. Where a Fire Risk Assessment has not been conducted it is likely that no Fire Emergency Plan is in place and that fire prevention and detection precautions are inadequate. Under the Fire Safety Order, the Authority can issue fire safety notices telling you what you must do to make your premises safe but in more serious cases, fines, court costs and even imprisonment may result.

  • What if I share my workplace with other employers?
    • According to the HSE,В if you share a workplace with another employer, or self-employed person, you will both need to:

      tell each other about the specific risks in your business that may affect the other employer; and

      co-operate and coordinate with each other to control the health and safety risks.

  • Fire Risk Assessment - Is the assessment disruptive?
    • No – it may be time consuming but it should have very little impact on your business operations.

  • Fire Risk Assessment - What evidence do we get that the testing has been completed?
    • Upon completion of the assessment, you should have a record of significant findings which identifies fire hazards, people at risk and steps to reduce, remove and protect from risk. This should be signed by the ‘responsible person’ in house or by your appointed ‘competent person’ if you opted for a professional risk assessment.

  • Fire Risk Assessment - How much will it cost?
    • There are many factors that can affect the cost of a Fire Risk Assessment such as type of assessment (in house or professional), nature of business, size of premises etc. It is always good practice to establish a cost per test quote as this will cover both parties.

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