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  • ST&I assists employers, institutions and landlords in fulfilling their duties to undertake general fire precautions for the protection of employees and members of the public by conducting a Fire Risk Assessment, developing an Emergency Plan and providing Fire Safety Training.

    • In 2011-12 there were 44.000 fires in dwellings and 24,000 fires recorded in buildings other than dwellings; Of these, 70% were accidental compared to 86% of those in dwellings.
    • There were 380 fatalities and 11,300 non fatal casualties; in buildings other than dwellings there were 25 fatal casualties and 1200 non-fatal.
    • The economic cost of fire to UK businesses is over ВЈ8.5 billion per year and it is estimated that 60% never recover from fire.
    • In March 2013, DM Care Limited was prosecuted for non-compliance with fire safety regulations and ordered to pay a total of ВЈ40,375.

Extinguisher Test

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

To meet your obligations under The Health and Safety at Work Act and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, in so far as fire safety is concerned and to ensure the safety of your staff, visitors, buildings and possessions, the HSE recommends that fire extinguishers are inspected and serviced periodically by a competent person.

Our service ensures that employers, institutions and landlords fulfil their duties under current legislation by servicing all types of fire extinguishers on site, providing full and detailed information on servicing carried out and marking equipment appropriately.


Statutory Testing and Inspection Ltd comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Servicing programme

Our fire safety inspectors are BAFE BS 5306-3 trained guaranteeing that our work is of the highest standard and performed by experienced professionals.





























Common Extinguisher Test FAQ's

  • What is Fire Extinguisher servicing?
    • It is a periodic inspection which requires that all types of fire extinguisher onsite are appropriate to their purpose and serviced by a competent person. Without documentary evidence of a regular Fire Alarm Testing programme you may be liable to prosecutionВ and invalidation of insurance cover.

  • Fire Extinguisher servicing- Which fire fighting devices require servicing?
    • All types of extinguisher which are part of your fire fighting plan for protecting your place of work against all classes of risk. This covers manual and automatic devices including sprinkler systems and hose reels.

  • Fire Extinguisher servicing - Who should do the work?
    • Servicing must be conducted by a qualified and experienced BAFE approved engineer. Competent operatives are those who have experience of test and inspection and have been trained and qualified to BS 5306-3 standard. For your own peace of mind, evidence of their qualifications and experience in this type of work should be asked for.

  • How often are Extinguisher Tests required?
    • Under the British Standard, servicing (aka ‘discharge testing’) should be carried out at regular intervals depending on the type of device;

      for water, foam, dry powder or wet chemicals = every 5 years

      for CO 2 = every 10 years.

      However, inspections should be conducted annually on all types of extinguisher.

      We can remind you when your next service is due.

  • What happens if an item fails a Fire Extinguisher Test?
    • Any remedial works must be carried out as a matter of urgency;В we offer our customers a remedial solution to repair any defects found during the test and inspection process. We will provide a no obligation quotation to repair any defects to the standard required by BS5306 and issue the required certification once the fault has been rectified. We do not charge for the replacement of minor items e.g. pins and can supply replacement extinguishers at a competitive price. All extinguishers are Kite marked and conform to BS 7863 and BS EN3 regulations with a manufacturers warranty.

  • What are the main types of extinguisher?
    • Extinguishers are categorised according to the types of fire they tackle and the nature of their components.

      fire-extinguisher-typesВ - do we need permission?

  • Fire Extinguisher servicing- Is the testing disruptive?
    • In general it is not possible to conduct any testing (apart from thermal testing) without some disruption; the level of disruption will depend upon the type of system, its environment and location of your extinguishers. Typically extinguisher servicing does not take long and our staff are trained to keep such disruption to a minimum. If necessary, we could carry out the testing outside work hours (after 5pm Mon-Fri or all day Saturday).

  • Fire Extinguisher servicing - What evidence do we get that the testing has been completed?
    • Upon completion of the test and inspection you should receive a report in hard copy and online that provides the following information;

      • Schedule of items tested and inspected
      • A list of defects or deviations from the British Standard (these will require attention)


      We are happy to discuss with you any of the technical aspects of the report.

  • Fire Extinguisher servicing - How much will it cost?
    • There are many factors that can affect the cost of Fire Extinguisher Servicing such as types of devices, size ofВ  location, access and availability. It is always good practice to establish a cost per test quote as this will cover both parties.

      For a quote please phoneВ 0151 559 1944

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